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Tquila Automation delivers intelligent automation solutions using UiPath and complementary technologies.

What we do


We are market leaders in providing Intelligent Automation solutions. Partnering with UiPath we give you the necessary tools to transform your business.


What makes us unique

Deep Product Knowledge

We are a team comprised of some of the most experienced technical engineers globally.


We work closely with our partners to continually evolve in the Intelligent Automation space. 





Our Lean Six Sigma analysts provide a high level roadmap  in combination with process simplification to achieve successful outcomes for your digital journey. 

We combine this knowledge with the latest process discovery technology to provide advance insights. 


Unique Approach

We have developed a suite of offerings designed to ease the transition from software purchase to implementation.


We have adopted an Automation First methodology to create rapid ROI.






We are a global consultancy with delivery capabilities spanning the US and EMEA.


Locations include Bucharest, Cardiff, Dallas, London and New York City.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation is technology that gives non-technical users the ability to program software or create robots to emulate user behaviour.

RPA Robots can integrate with multiple existing applications to complete business processes. They can interact with the user interface to capture information and navigate and interact with systems in the same manner that a human user would. They can be designed to interpret information, send responses and communicate with other systems to undertake repetitive, or time-consuming tasks, some of which were not previously achievable with humans. The benefits of using robots are numerous; they don’t sleep, make no errors, and require fewer overheads or management. Managed via a central Control Centre you can have complete visibility of all the work your new “digital workforce” is doing, and orchestrate their work.

At Tquila we adopt an automation first mindset to enable your company to adapt rapidly to an ever changing technological landscape. By automating more we unburden your employees from the boring, repetitive, time-consuming tasks and allow them to focus on more qualitative, customer centred activities. We believe that automating sooner rather than later can also identify problem areas within processes, applications and governance. 

Hyperautomation, a term recently coined by Gartner, refers to the combination of a number of new technologies, and a clear strategy as to how they can help your business enter a new age of automation.  This approach is core to our business, and allows us to provide the right solutions in the correct manner to our customers. 

Starting with RPA as a core module integrating each of these technologies such as Process Discovery, OCR and Intelligent Data Capture, BPM, Chatbots, Machine Learning, Cognitive Services and Analytics . The combination of these creates end-to-end automation and unleashes previously unreachable potential for your organisation. 

To find out more about hyperautomation and why it is important for you,  contact us to ensure you are ready for hyperautomation.

Trusted the world over

Teams of every size, shape and kind have already made TQA the place where their work happens.

“As an official partner of ours, we trust the capabilities of the Tquila Automation team to support customers on their Hyperautomation journey. They have proven their knowledge and expertise can be relied upon, and we're excited to see them expand rapidly in the intelligent automation space”

—  Chris Duddridge, Managing Director, UiPath

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