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We are driven by innovation and the desire to solve problems

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Utilising cutting edge technology, we implement robust, scalable solutions in a quick and cost effective manner. Working closely alongside our technology partners, we are able to provide seamless transition between acquisition of the software and its implementation.


Experience led strategy for end-to-end customer success

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We are in the business of transformation, and are known for our ability to deliver end-to-end automation. If you’re looking to innovate and transform your business, Tquila can help you re-design, deliver, and run your digital workforce. Combining strategy and technology expertise, we collaborate on your journey from high level design through to implementation. Our consultants come with experience of implementing technology, and provide valuable insight based on their industry knowledge.


Turning your vision into reality

Once your vision is created, our vastly experienced automation experts turn that vision into reality. Typically, our customers start with a pilot to demonstrate the value of a small project. We collaborate with you to ensure you see ROI from this endeavour, this results in increased engagement throughout the organisation.

On completion of a successful pilot, we roll out a phased project plan to implement fast, scalable and robust solutions. Utilising tools such as Azure DevOps, we apply an agile development approach, and give you full visibility of the ongoing project. We have some unique market offerings, to ensure complete alignment with your goals.

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Maintaining your intelligent automation solutions

Customer Service

At Tquila we partner with you to monitor, manage, and maintain any deployed solutions. Throughout the testing phase of a deployment we engage heavily with your team to ensure they have an understanding of what is required from them. In addition, we provide detailed process documentation, and handover sessions for complete continuity. At deployment, we provide hypercare for all solutions delivered and of course, remain in touch to provide advice and on-going support.

We understand the challenges of delivering automated solutions and that oftentimes customers are left without adequate support. Our aim is not only to deliver the best implementation, but to enable and educate our clients as much as possible. It is through this approach that we can build a solid and long-lasting partnership with you.

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Our Services



& Design





Objectives: Engage with leadership, identify automation opportunities, and create a vision for the future. 


Description: We will help create an overall RPA vision and strategy, discover opportunities, and derive the best solutions for the customer. At the same time, taking an automation first approach to ensure value is returned as quickly as possible.

Our “Automation Days” are the first step to enabling your Digital Transformation Journey. We run a series of workshops to help identify potential areas for automation, and crucially, align your leadership team towards common outcomes. During these sessions we gain a greater understanding of your business targets, and gain knowledge of your business processes. These workshops include an introduction to intelligent automation, the methods in which it can be used throughout the business, and development of a high level automation roadmap.


Key outcomes: The key outcomes of these sessions will be a number of top priority processes ready for automation, along with the potential return investment. 



Objectives: In depth assessment of your business problems, plan an approach and design the solutions for effective implementation of the automation solutions. 


Description: Our Intelligent Automation Assessment (IAA) of approximately three to six-weeks’ duration allows us to develop greater understanding and a key-stroke level understanding of your processes. The deliverables include maps for the transformation, a target operating model, and selection of the most appropriate IA software, a robust business case, and a clear implementation roadmap. We utilise UiPath’s Automation Hub for process assessment and ROI calculations. 


The IAA is recommended to all clients due to its ability to provide clear and actionable guidance on digital strategy, by highlighting areas of greatest commercial return, and laying the ground-work for future initiatives. The IAA examines the potential impact of intelligent automation technologies on your business. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us


Key Outcomes: Projected project plan for the respective phase of your journey, development of business case for the recommended solutions.

Objectives: Effectively map the current-state and the to-be process, assess alternative solutions, develop technical solutions to problems. 


Description: At Tquila we place a heavy emphasis on the design of solutions, from both a process and technical perspective. Adequate planning and preparation results in faster and more reliable configuration. This reduces future problems allowing for fully scalable enterprise solutions. 

​Once the problem has been identified, we engage as many relevant parties as required. This includes Subject Matter Experts, Team Managers, End Users, IT and  Application Experts. The involvement of multiple consultations is to arrive at the optimal solution for the problem. This consultation occurs throughout the development. 

The initial stage is to capture or observe the current state of working. A judgement can then be made as to the future working state, the impact that the automation will have, and the potential for process improvement. Our six sigma business analysts take this opportunity to assess the process and re-design it as necessary. The future state process will then be documented to ensure that all parties are in agreement as to the course of action. 


Our team of automation experts use the future state documentation to create the technical design. This element is incredibly valuable and often under-utilised. Prior to making any major development, it is vital to correctly discuss, define and develop the solution regardless of the technology.


Key Outcomes: Greater consideration of the challenge, engagement with key stakeholders, complete review of potential alternatives.


Objectives: To create best-in-class automation solutions, deliver on-time, develop quickly but robustly based on knowledge and experience.

Description: Rigorous solution design is followed by detailed application of the solution. Using the chosen technology, our team of experts apply their knowledge and experience to develop quick, robust and scalable implementations which sets us apart within the industry.

Development is in Tquila’s DNA. With our supremely strong team of technical experts, and unrivalled product knowledge, we can develop excellent solutions quickly to achieve more effective ROI.

Utilising Azure DevOps we employ an AGILE approach to implementation which allows for speedy but robust deployment. Adequate review from senior team members is fundamental to ensure the longevity of the implemented solution. 

Key Outcomes: Successful implementation of automation, robust error handling, scalable solution, easy to manage processes.  


Objectives :  To properly test any development at various levels, to stress-test the solution, to provide confidence to the business that the work is production ready.

Successful implementations are only achievable with the correct level of governance and testing.We follow the industry standards for project lifecycle testing. Unit Testing ensures that all individual components are working as expected. Configuration testing checks that all of the parts are working together. User Acceptance Testing requires that you as a customer are happy with the outcomes from any implemented solution. 

Testing is taken seriously at Tquila, and we work with your teams to develop test plans and test scenarios that will reduce the number of challenges down the line. 

Key Outcomes : Test Scenarios checklist,  Unit, System and UAT testing signed off, Agreement to move into production


Objectives : To advance the configuration into the production environment, and to educate how to manage and maintain

We deploy and support all configured solutions. There are a number of packages and services which can be selected to ensure customers are fully supported until comfortable to proceed alone. We offer various options depending on the requirements of our customers.

Once a solution is in place, there are many aspects that are overlooked. As the automation is performed, numerous considerations are required to maintain stability. At Tquila webuild manageable solutions and utilise industry proven monitoring tools to monitor the performance of our automations . 


As part of the overall lifecycle and a focus on continuous improvement, is imperative that we track the performance of our solutions. With insight tools we are able to provide cutting edge feedback on our solutions to keep customers ahead of their competitors and keep sight of ROI.


Key Outcomes :  Deployed configuration, handover documentation, Go-live sign off 


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Whilst we have experience in many sectors, intelligent automation is not limited to these. Many businesses have administrative functions such as Finance and HR. Automation can increasingly be applied to any tasks that humans currently do, and some that they don't.

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